Specially equipped trains Between Osaka Umeda and Kyoto Kawaramachi

  • Features of Kyo-train!

  • Operated only on weekends and holidays

    No seat fee or express fare are required

    In addition to limited express trains on the Kyoto line, Hankyu Railway also operates specially equipped trains that enhance the fun of travel. No express fare or other additional fees are required.

  • Kyo-train

  • Car No. 1 Car No. 2 Seats sprinkled with orchid flower patterns

  • In Cars No. 1 and 2, sophisticated red seats sprinkled with orchid flower patterns attract passenger’s eyes. The smart and luxurious interior with no hanging advertising enhances the excitement of travel.

  • Car No. 3 Car No. 4 Interior depicting a traditional townhouse in Kyoto

    The entrance to the passenger seats is equipped with lattice-like decoration. Partitions are provided above the back of the seats to create a space like a semi-private room. Tatami is also used in a part of the seat to depict a traditional townhouse in Kyoto.

  • Car No. 5 Car No. 6 Seats sprinkled with hemp leaf patterns

  • In Cars 5 and 6, the seats depicting hemp leaves and the doors with bamboo patterns provide Japanese atmosphere. Warm lighting is used in all cars to make the interior space calm and relaxing.

Multilanguage train announcement

Train announcement is broadcast in English, Chinese, and Korean, not only concerning stations at which the train is stopping at, but also concerning sightseeing information.

Operating information * Only on weekends and holidays

Guide to other specially equipped trains

Hankyu Railway also has other specially equipped trains.

  • On the Kyoto line, trains that depict historic sites in Kyoto on their side are operated. Each car of the train is decorated with beautiful drawings of historic sites in Kyoto. Posters and maps of sightseeing spots are also placed in the cars. Passengers can enjoy a sense of tourism while riding the train.

  • Head mark design

Car wrapping image

  • 洛東
  • 洛中
  • 嵐山嵯峨野
  • 洛西

On the Kobe Line, trains run wrapped with the illustrations of tourism spots along the Hankyu Kobe Line, drawn by Mr. Seizo Watase.

Car wrapping image

  • 神戸エリア
  • 灘・六甲
  • 西宮・夙川
  • 神戸エリア

* In an eight-car train, four cars (1st, 3rd, 6th, and 8th) are wrapped with illustrations. [Image of train wrapping]


Mr. Osamu Tezuka, called a "god of comics," was born and spent his boyhood along the Takarazuka Line.
On this line, trains run wrapped with tourist spots in respective cities, introduced by the characters of Tezuka comics.

Car wrapping image

  • 宝塚エリア
  • 池田・川西エリア
  • 箕面・豊中エリア
  • 宝塚エリア

* In an eight-car train, four cars (1st, 3rd, 6th, and 8th) are wrapped with illustrations. [Image of train wrapping]

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