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On Board:

Kyo-Train Garaku

Undeniably Kyoto, From the Moment You Step On Board

[ "ご乗車されたときから", "京都気分。" ]

Hankyu Railways is proud to present the 'Kyo-train Garaku', a designer train with Japanese flair running between Osaka-umeda and Kyoto-kawaramachi on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

With a name evoking the elegance of Kyoto, each carriage is decorated with a beautiful, seasonal motif that allows passengers to feel the atmosphere of Japan's ancient capital from the moment they step on board.

Enjoy your next trip to Kyoto aboard the Kyo-train Garaku.

No reservation required.
Passengers can pay the regular fare.

[ "ご予約不要、", "普通運賃のみで", "ご乗車いただけます。" ]

Passengers can board Kyo-train Garaku for the standard fare.

Station Stops
Osaka Umeda Juso Awaji Katsura Karasuma Kyoto Kawaramachi
Fare Information
No additional charge (Standard fare only)
Operating Days
Weekend & Holidays Timetable
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The Designs of
Kyo-train Garaku

From dry landscape gardens to window-facing seats,
each car has its own unique and carefully curated aesthetic,
designed to evoke the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of Kyoto.
No two cars are the same,
so be sure to pay close attention to the seasonal and botanic motifs found within each.

  • 1号車

    With spacious, 'tatami'-style box seating, the interior of this car is decorated with a traditional, autumnal pattern known as "ryūsui-ni-kaede", or fallen maple leaves floating in a river.
  • 2号車

    With its dry landscape garden and shoji screens designed especially for viewing snow, this carriage deftly conveys the feeling of a Kyoto winter.
  • 3号車

    plantsCherry Blossoms
    Experience the beauty of Kyoto in the spring as you relax in this cherry blossom-themed car. The special window-facing seats were designed especially to allow passengers to enjoy the passing scenery.
  • 4号車

    With special window-facing seats designed to allow passengers to enjoy the passing scenery, this car is decorated with an iris motif, evoking a sunny Kyoto summer.
  • 5号車

    season初秋Early Autumn
    plantsSilver Grass
    At its very center, this car boasts one feature that is sure to turn heads - an authentic Japanese garden traditionally found in Kyoto's wooden townhouses. Feel the subtle change from summer to early autumn as you speed toward your next destination.
  • 6号車

    season早春Early Spring
    plantsPlum Blossoms
    With spacious, 'tatami'-style box seating, this gorgeously appointed car conjures images of Kyoto in early spring.

All aboard
the Kyo-train Garaku
「京とれいん 雅洛」の楽しみ方

Departure to Kyoto乗車したときから”京都気分“を味わって

Engaging all five of the senses, Kyo-train Garaku allows passengers to experience the singularly unique atmosphere of Kyoto from the moment they step on board.

Riding the train is easy. With a variety of related services including a convenient bus from the airport, a tourist information center at Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station with multilingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean), luggage service, and more, all that's left to do is enjoy the journey to Kyoto.

Visit charming locales along the Hankyu Line.阪急沿線は地元に愛される魅力がたくさん

With its wealth of classic sightseeing spots and cultural charms, Kyoto is a popular destination that remains close to many travelers' hearts.

And while Kyoto's well-known sights will always attract visitors, the Hankyu Line offers curious travelers the chance to explore hidden gems and charming locales just a short ride away.

Kyo-train Garaku
京とれいん 雅洛 & 阪急ローカル旅 MOVIE

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