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Umeda, one of Japan's most prominent shopping districts, serves as the gateway to Osaka.  Amidst the groups of modern buildings stand the breathtaking, historical remnants of ancient structures.  In Umeda, the modern skyline created by the cluster of Hankyu high-rise buildings forms a new landmark for the city.
The beautiful international port city of Kobe, an area long favored by foreign visitors to Japan.  Kobe, a city of diverse expressions, offers superb locations for an enjoyable stroll, including the fashionable shopping areas of Sannomiya, the exotic mountainside Ijinkan neighborhood of old Western-style mansions, and Nankinmachi Chinatown.
This international sightseeing city, rich in historical and cultural atmosphere, is a city representative of traditional Japan.  Kiyomizudera Temple, situated harmoniously in the lush, deep green of Higashiyama Mountain, and Ryoanji Temple, known for its karesansui gardens, are famous Buddhist temples that have been designated as World Heritages.  Kyoto offers countless opportunities for one to fully experience the true essence of Japanese culture.
Arashiyama is famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn foliage, and the Togetsukyo Bridge over Katuragawa has become a symbol of the area. Nearby, one can enjoy many shrines, temples, and gardens, including the Tenryu-ji Temple of Zen Buddhism as well as Nonomiya-jinja Shrine, and Okouchi-sanso. Going a bit further, one finds even more sight-seeing opportunities, including Seiryo-ji, Daikaku-ji, Kozan-ji, and Jingo-ji temples
Takarazuka is a Mecca of leisure activities and sightseeing opportunities in the Kansai area.  Takarazuka is home to the Takarazuka Review Company, a famous musical revue troupe featuring all-woman casts, and the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum honoring the father of the Japanese manga, who was born and raised in this area.  Takarazuka truly offers a wide range of fun and entertainment for young and old alike.