Hankyu Railway’s commitment to train cars

Key points in our commitment to train cars

  • Hankyu Railway has used train cars of the same color for more than 100 years.

    Its train cars have been unified in maroon color (deep brown) for more than 100 years since the foundation of Hankyu Railway in 1910. Hankyu’s traditional train color is well known to residents along the Hankyu lines in Kansai, who regard maroon as the “Hankyu color.”

  • Commitment to the interior with wood patterns

    Hankyu trains have been modernized over time, and wood is no longer used for the interior. However, wood patterns are printed on the interior steel sheets to produce a warm atmosphere. This commitment to the interior is also our tradition.

  • Mohair from Angola Goats is used for the seats to produce a high-class sense.

    Golden olive-colored Mohair from Angola Goats is used for the seats to provide a pleasant feel. We take care not only in the texture of seats, but also in the cushioning and touch.

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