Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station Giant terminal pursuing convenience and luxury

  • The base for sightseeing in Kyoto and Kobe has been renewed for more comfortable use

    In April 2015, renewal work over six years has been completed at Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station. The station has been renewed for more comfortable use, pursuing convenience and luxury. On the first floor, the Hankyu Tourist Center Osaka Umeda is located to provide tourism information in four languages, as well as other services that help foreign tourists take convenient trips through this gateway to Osaka.

  • Platform

  • 3F ticket gate

  • Used by many passengers as the base for sightseeing to Kyoto and Kobe

  • 1F entrance

  • Umeda Hankyu-mae Hiroba

Key points of Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station!

1 Tourist First contact when you have a question!

Hankyu Tourist Center Osaka Umeda 1F external

Personnel at the center provide services in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. The center also has Internet access with Wi-Fi and PCs, as well as booklets for tourists, thereby securely supporting travels to Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.

Take a convenient trip with our support!

  • 2 Timetable Time arriving at your station is indicated!

    Touch-screen timetable 2F/3F in front of the ticket gate

    Touch the train time indicated on the screen to view the stations at which the train is stopping at and the times of arrival.

  • 3 Locker Easy-to-use multilanguage display

    Multilanguage coin lockers 1F to 3F, inside and outside the ticket gate

    The operating panel can be switched to Japanese, English, China, and Korean. In the case of use by cash, a receipt with a QR code is issued when you deposit your baggage. This receipt should be kept as a locker key, which you should place over the reader to unlock.

  • An easy-to-view large screen!

  • Multilanguage indications always help you find the way!

4 Restroom High-quality and comfortable restrooms

Rest rooms that have a high-class sense Inside the Chayaguchi ticket gate

In the women’s toilet inside the Chayamachiguchi ticket gate, the powder area is parted for each user, and an island-type hand washing facility is installed. All Western-style toilets, including those for men, are equipped with a warm-water bidet.

Have you noticed…

  • The brightly polished floor? 3F internal platform

    Platforms in Osaka-umeda Station are always polished and shine brightly. Check the floor before riding a train.

  • Jizo statue in the station building 1F, external west side

    This Jizo statue made of natural stone was dug out from a nearby field in 1891, and is worshipped by many people. It is believed to be rare in Japan to have a Jizo statue inside a station building.

Hankyu Umeda Station

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