From what age are train tickets required?
A child’s fare is required for children aged six years or older but younger than twelve years. The child’s fare is half the price of the adult’s fare. (Values less than ten yen for the child’s fare are rounded up to the nearest ten yen. Elementary schoolchildren aged twelve years are included in the scope of child’s fare. Preschool children aged six years are exempt from the child’s fare. )
How can I buy a ticket from a ticket machine?
Check the fare to your destination in the fare table posted above the ticket machine. Then insert the cash into the ticket machine and tap the button for the price equal to your fare. No credit card may be used for buying a ticket from a ticket machine.
Are IC cards acceptable?

The IC cards listed below are acceptable on the Hankyu Railway.
PiTaPa is the only acceptable IC card at station kiosks and for beverage vending machines.

Are express and seat reservation fees required to ride a limited express train?
No express or seat reservation fees other than the fare are required on any trains of the Hankyu Railway.
Is Wi-Fi service available in some areas of stations?
The HANKYU HANSHIN WELCOME Wi-Fi service is available to foreign tourists free of charge in stations of Hankyu Railway, with limitation to the number of accesses. For more details, click here.

Hankyu Tourist Center, OSAKA-UMEDA

What are your business hours?
From 8:00 to 17:00(Hankyu Tourist Center, OSAKA-UMEDA)
From 8:30 to 17:00(HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO-KAWARAMACHI)
From 8:30 to 19:00(HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO-KARASUMA)
In what languages are your services available?
We provide services in English, Chinese, and Korean.
Is Wi-Fi service or Internet connection available?
The HANKYU HANSHIN WELCOME Wi-Fi service is available to foreign tourists free of charge with limitations on the number of accesses.
At Hankyu Tourist Center, OSAKA-UMEDA in Hankyu Osaka-umeda Station, a paid service is available to use PCs connected to the Internet.
Can I exchange my currency for Japanese yen at your center?
No, but you can use a Seven Bank ATM to withdraw Japanese yen using a credit card issued in your country.
Could you arrange plane tickets and Shinkansen tickets for me?
Could you arrange hotels and taxis for me?
We can provide relevant information but cannot make the arrangements for you.
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