We ask for your understanding and cooperation in the requested manners.

On the train

Cell phone

Put your cell phone in silent mode and refrain from speaking over the phone on the train.

Refrain from using the cell phone or similar device with audible sound from the speaker.

Headset (earphones)

Adjust the volume of your headset or earphones to avoid disturbing other passengers.

Suitcase / backpack

Avoid blocking the aisle with your suitcase or other baggage.

Take care not to hit other passengers with a backpack on your back.

Courtesy seats

Offer courtesy seats to persons who need them.

Turn off your cell phone near courtesy seats when the train is crowded.

On the platform


Take care not to drop your suitcase or other baggage from the stairs or escalator.


Do not operate smartphones while walking because it is extremely dangerous.

Even in a rush

Do not run on the platform.

Do not run onto a train because it is dangerous.

While waiting for a train

Please cooperate in lining up for the train.


Taking photos

When you take photos, take care not to carelessly point your camera at other people.


No smoking in trains or station. Please smoke in the designated smoking areas.

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