Hankyu Corporation


Specially equipped trains Between Osaka Umeda and Kyoto Kawaramachi

Kyo train and Kyo train GARAKU are currently suspendeding operations.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Kyo-train, Operated only on weekends and holidays, Features of Kyo-train!

No seat fee or express fare are required

In addition to limited express trains on the Kyoto line, Hankyu Railway also operates specially equipped trains that enhance the fun of travel. No express fare or other additional fees are required.

Car No. 1 Car No. 2 Seats sprinkled with orchid flower patterns

In Cars No. 1 and 2, sophisticated red seats sprinkled with orchid flower patterns attract passenger’s eyes. The smart and luxurious interior with no hanging advertising enhances the excitement of travel.

Car No. 3 Car No. 4 Interior depicting a traditional townhouse in Kyoto

The entrance to the passenger seats is equipped with lattice-like decoration. Partitions are provided above the back of the seats to create a space like a semi-private room. Tatami is also used in a part of the seat to depict a traditional townhouse in Kyoto.

Car No. 5 Car No. 6 Seats sprinkled with hemp leaf patterns

In Cars 5 and 6, the seats depicting hemp leaves and the doors with bamboo patterns provide Japanese atmosphere. Warm lighting is used in all cars to make the interior space calm and relaxing.