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Hankyu Tourist Center

Hankyu Tourist Centers help your tours in Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto!

Hankyu operates its own tourist centers in Osaka Umeda and Kyoto Kawaramachi. The centers are staffed by our personnel who can provide services in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Diverse tourist pamphlets are also available in these four languages. Tourists can also shop for original Hankyu brand merchandise. Visit our center any time for tourist information or if you need help.

Hankyu Tourist Center,OSAKA-UMEDA

HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO

HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO-KARASUMA

Hankyu Tourist Center,OSAKA-UMEDA

Three features of Hankyu Tourist Center,OSAKA-UMEDA

Point01 Friendly, full-time staff English/日本語/中国語/中國語/한국어 OK

Point02 Wi-Fi Internet access & Computers for gathering trip information (¥100/15 min.)

Point03 Wide selection of sightseeing pamphlets

The center also offers a variety of other useful services

  • ● ATMs for withdrawing Japanese yen using cards issued in your country

  • ● PCs and printers

  • ● Photocopiers

  • ● Take a commemorative photograph against the backdrop of a bamboo grove in Kyoto. Kimono rentals (for both men and women) are free.

  • ● Pocket Wi-Fi routers are available for rental (¥1,000 per day).

  • ● A spacious, relaxed atmosphere


HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO

Three features of HANKYU Tourist Information Center, KYOTO

Point01 Wide selection of sightseeing pamphlets

Point02 Service in four languages English/日本語/中国語/中國語/한국어 OK

Point03 Kyoto-style interior design