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Arashiyama Highlights

Arashiyama, known for some of the most picturesque scenery in Kyoto, offers countless charms, including abundant natural beauty that changes its appearance with the seasons and historical buildings preserved from times long past. Explore the best sightseeing spots in Arashiyama and discover why they've enthralled so many sightseers over the years.

What kind of place is Arashiyama?

Since becoming a popular retreat for court nobles during the Heian period, Arashiyama has been one of Kyoto's most distinctive sightseeing destinations. Its expansive, elegant landscape is dotted with tranquil places of note that are covered by bamboo forests and maple trees. Visitors flock to Arashiyama throughout the year to explore temples and shrines with connections to Heian-period literature and to sample such local delicacies as boiled bean curd.

Arashiyama's famous rides

Visitors look to a number of extremely popular rides—including a trolley that passes smartly between the area's mountains and thrilling whitewater excursions down the Hozu River-to add another dimension of fun to their exploration of Arashiyama. And the jinpu, a traditional rickshaw, provides an unforgettable way to tour the famous sites of Arashiyama with unparalleled atmosphere.


Sagatenryujikurumamichi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075-861-7444 (Telephone service information)
Hours: Service hourly from 9:50 am to 4:50 pm
Schedule: Service from March 1 to December 29; no operation on Wednesdays with the exception of public holidays and uninterrupted service on March 1, from March 15 to April 14, April 29 to May 5, July 21 to August 31, and October 15 to December 14.
Fare: Adults ¥620, children ¥310 (one-way; regardless of section)
Access: 1.8 km (approximately 25 minutes walk) northwest from Arashiyama Station

Hozu River whitewater excursions

1 Shimonakajima, Hozu-cho, Kameoka
Phone: 0771-22-5846 (Hozu River Tourism Company Association)
Hours: Seven trips between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm (from December 1 to March 9, four trips by heated boat between 10:00 am and 2:30 pm); additional trips may be added on weekends and holidays.
Closed: September 9 and December 29 to January 4
Tickets: Adults ¥3900, children ¥2500

Jinpu rickshaw rides

Ebisuya Arashiyama Headquarters
3-24 Sagatenryujisusukinobaba-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075-864-4444
Hours: 9:30 am to sundown
Closed: None
Cost: One passenger ¥2000,
two passengers ¥3000 (per leg)
30 minute reservation course: One passenger ¥5000, two passengers ¥8000
Access: 800 m (approximately 12 minutes walk) north from Arashiyama Station

Inquire directly to the various spots mentioned here in regards to the temples, shrines, shops and facilities.