Transfer guide

Transfer at Osaka-umeda Station to the Subway Yotsubashi Line (Nishi-Umeda Station)

  • Get out of the ticket gate at the end of the platform on the third floor, and go down to the first floor using the stairs, escalator, or elevator.

  • After getting down to the first floor, go straight through the aisle in front, and enter the large passageway diagonally in front to your left, before the Hankyu Department Store.

  • Go down to the underground using the escalator ahead the passageway before the Hankyu Department Store.

  • After getting off the escalator, walk through the aisle on the right. Go straight and walk through the underground passageway beside the Hanshin Department Store. The passageway will take you to Nishi-Umeda Station of the Subway Yotsubashi Line.

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