Time schedule search

Use this function to search for the departure and arrival times of Hankyu Railway trains.

  • ①Select the departure and arrival stations from the route map.
  • ②Select the date & time of boarding.
  • ③Press the "Search" button.
①Specify the stations

the departure station

the arrival station

②Specify the date & time


  • When a special train is operated, the departure/arrival times may differ from the search result.
  • The indicated search result is calculated based on the departure/arrival times on the time schedule and is for your reference only.
  • Please note in advance that you may not be able to transfer as indicated in the search result depending on the operating conditions or on the operation of a special train.


  • The following lines are included in the time table search of Hankyu Railway:
    Hankyu Railway, Kobe Rapid Transit Railway, Nose Electric Railway, Osaka Municipal Subway (Sakaisuji Line only) and Osaka Monorail
  • Some routes outside the scope of search may be indicated in the search result of this service.
  • Information indicated in this service is provided using a system established by Ekitan Co., Ltd., based on our time table and fare data.
  • This service does not respond to confusion in the timetables caused by train delays.
  • We shall assume no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to customers due to the use of this service.
  • It is prohibited to copy or duplicate data indicated in this system, or to process them for electromagnetic or other media.
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